Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Shine, Cross of the Lord, with the bright darting rays of your grace on the hearts of those who honour you, and with love inspired by God, embrace you, O desire of all the world. Through you our tears of sorrow have been wiped away; we have been delivered from the snares of death and have passed over to unending joy. Show us the splendour of your beauty, granting to us your servants the reward of our abstinence, for we entreat with faith your rich protection and great mercy.

Hail, life-giving Cross! the fair Paradise of the Church, Tree of incorruption that blossoms for us with the enjoyment of eternal glory. Through you the hosts of demons are driven back, the companies of the Angels rejoice with one accord and the congregations of the faithful keep the feast. You are an invincible weapon, an unbroken stronghold; you are the victory of kings and the glory of priests. Grant us also now to draw near to the Passion of Christ and to His Resurrection.

Hail, life-giving Cross! unconquerable trophy of the true faith, door to Paradise, succour of the faithful, rampart set about the Church. Through you the curse has utterly destroyed, the power of death swallowed up, and we are raised from earth to heaven: invincible weapon, adversary of demons, glory of martyrs, true ornament of holy monks, haven of salvation bestowing on the world great mercy.

Come, first-fashioned pair, who fell from the choir on high through the envy of the murderer of humankind, through the bitter pleasure of tasting from the tree. See, the Tree, revered by all, draws near! Run with haste and embrace it joyfully, and cry to it with faith: O all-honoured Cross, you are our succour; partaking of your fruits we have gained incorruption; we are restored once more to Eden, and we have received great mercy.

O Christ our God, of your own will you accepted Crucifixion, for the common restoration of humankind. Taking the reed pen of the Cross, out of love for humankind, in the red ink of royalty with bloody fingers you signed our absolution. Do not forsake us, who are in danger once again of being parted from you. Take pity on your people in distress, for you alone are longsuffering. Rise up and fight against our enemies, as you are all- powerful.

Lord, who helped gentle David in the combat and enabled him to overcome the foreigner, come to the aid of our faithful Sovereign and by the weapon of the Cross cast down our enemies. In your compassion show us your mercy as of old, and make them know in truth that you are God, and putting our trust in you may we conquer. At the constant intercessions of your most pure Mother, grant us your great mercy.

Lord, save your people, and bless your inheritance, granting to faithful Christians victories over their enemies, and protecting your commonwealth by your Cross.

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