Saturday, March 21, 2009

Medical Commission gives intercession of Bro. André positive judgment

Update regarding Blessed Bro. Andre's cause for sainthood.


Today, the Medical Commission responsible for studying a case of healing attributable to the intercession of Bro. André has given its positive judgment. According to the unanimous opinion of its members, the healing is scientifically unexplainable. This represents a crucial step for the advancement of the cause. The cause can now proceed to the theological commission, the second of the three commissions that will study it. One of the roles of the theological commission is to make sure that the healing is due to the sole intercession of Bro. André. If the judgement of this commission is also positive, the case will then proceed to a third commission made up of archbishops and cardinals whose role, among other things, is to evaluate the benefit of extending this devotion to the universal Church. Following the recommendations of the three commissions, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will make the final decision. Several months may pass before a final announcement is made.

Mario Lachapelle, CSC Vice-Postulator

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